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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Services

We provide integrated Business Processing Services with a specific focus on customer expectations for improved revenue outcomes.             

Our robust Healthcare services framework and IT infrastructure help process re-engineering, cost rationalization, and productivity enhancement

Eligibility Verification and Prior Authorization

Efficient eligibility verification and prior authorization to avoid any cash flow disturbances and reduce overhead costs. We have integrated medical insurance claims guarantee and precertification for improved cash flow with our state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of subject matter experts for timely reimbursement.

Charge Capture

Reimbursement amounts from the insurance company may vary based on the billing information entered by the medical billing department. Vital patient details and medical billing charges must be documented and verified for accuracy. We employ a certified quality assurance team with vast billing expertise to ensure that our clients receive maximum reimbursement for their claims.

Payment Reconciliation

Explanations of payments are thoroughly reviewed for appropriate reimbursement based on the plan benefits. We help you to leverage our Benefits (EOB) Analysis team to establish the charges receivable patterns based on data analytics. You can track, identify, analyze and audit the outstanding amount receivable and the cash flow status in real time. Eventually, maintain the organizational performance and efficiency of healthcare revenue cycle management for long-term financial and administrative benefits.

Claim Denial Management

Our Cloud-based denial management solutions for medical billing applications help to analyze remittance advice and identify opportunities for effective denial prevention. Benefit from a single, on-demand dashboard for managing claim denials and re-submission to drive the initial denial rates lesser than 4% in line with industry best practices. We ensure hassle-free health insurance claims resubmission for reimbursement approval.

Account Receivable Follow-Up

Optimized Accounts Receivable (AR) Services for better revenue returns. Manage your healthcare accounts receivable recovery in a timely and precise manner with a team of trained medical billing professionals along with advanced tools. We help to follow up on pending claims, initiate collections, trace claim denials, and track outstanding receivable balances with detailed and comprehensive reports.

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