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Emergency Service Examination

Key Differentiators 

Unparalleled understanding of Healthcare provider's value chain

D & S Med Solutions provides complex information processing for all the critical stakeholders in the healthcare provider business. We focus on improving complex end-to-end billing and processing solutions, which reduce costs, improve turnaround time, and increase claims payment. Our delivery operations, technical, and management footprint ensures diversity of ideas and cross-pollination of industry best practices.


Deep experience and scale in Medical Coding and Billing

In more than 20 years of providing revenue cycle management services, D & S Med Solutions has gained deep experience handling complex coding and billing services. We have the flexibility to quickly adapt and customize to changing needs maximizing our value as a strategic partner.


Relentless focus on customer experience and success

Our success over the years is due to our customer-first culture. We work closely with our clients using a transparent engagement model that ensures transparency, open lines of communication, and the success of our projects. We employ a carefully developed and well-defined process to identify needs, align key stakeholders, clarify your vision, create a roadmap, and establish a strong foundation for continuous process improvement, ensuring short- and long-term project success.

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